How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In Nigeria

How much does it cost to build a website in Nigeria? This is one of the most asked questions about web design service in Nigeria. Having a website that reflects your brand is one of the best decisions any business owner can make. Research has shown that having a website can increase sales and with search engine traffic, you’re guaranteed to have more customers when your website ranks for the right keywords. Despite the numerous benefits of having a website, millions of businesses in Nigeria still don’t have a website.

In this guide, we’ll break down the total cost of building your own website in Nigeria. You will learn answers to common questions like:

How much does it cost to buy a domain name in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to design a website in Nigeria?

What is the cost to design or redesign an existing website?

How much does it cost to maintain a website in Nigeria?

What does it cost to run a website annually?

Read further to learn about cost estimate for web hosting, the design process, content creation and final launch. You’ll also learn about the cost of maintaining your website in Nigeria and yearly renewal fees.

The truth is, there’s no straight forward answer to the question “how much does it cost to build a website in Nigeria”. It all depends on how much work is involved.  The major factors that determine the amount of work involved are the size and the complexity of the site.

This means that, a well-designed one page website with few images and maybe a simple contact form will cost less than a fully customized Five page website that has an about page, services , content and contact page. While a five page website costs more than a single page website, a standard ten page website will cost more. In terms of costs, ecommerce websites, social media sites and large corporate websites will cost more than small business, it all depends on the complexity and size.

Types of Website

Small business or informational Website: just as the name implies, this type of website is ideal for small businesses to serve as a source of information about the company.  It is usually about 5 – 8 pages showing information about the business, services and contact details.

Corporate website: this type of website is for corporations who want a website that serves more than just a source of information. This website gives detailed information about the corporation, the team and contact details of key players in the corporation. The site also collects leads and updates customers and investors. Examples include websites of Unilever & Shell.

 Corporate websites usually have about 25 -75 webpages and is regularly updated with the company’s latest products, services and events.

 Ecommerce website:  ecommerce websites are websites where customers can buy products online. It’s usually integrated with payment gateway platforms (e.g  paystack, quickteller ) so that customers can make payment easily without having to make transfers. It usually has about 100 – 1000 product pages depending on the size of the company. Examples are Jumia, Konga & Payporte.

Website Application: example of these types of websites include: betting company websites (nairabet, bet9ja, betway) payment platforms like quickteller, Paga etc. This type of website is usually about 20- 2,000 webpages and they are very costly to build and maintain.

cost of building a website in Nigeria

Total Cost of building a website in Nigeria

To build a website, you need the following:

Domain name

A domain name is simply your online address; it is your identity online. It is the URL anyone types into web browsers to reach you. For example,you type Facebook.com  to get on Facebook.

The cost of registering a domain name in Nigeria can cost anywhere between N1,000 – N15,000 depending on the registrar and TLD. TLDS means top level domain, these are the extensions of your domain names (e.g .com .net .org) While .com is the most widely used and recognised domain extension, others include .net  .org .edu .gov and .mil(they are all referred to as gTLDs).

The .com is used by everyone, .org extension is popularly used by non-profit organizations, .edu by schools, .gov by government,.mil by military while .tv (although created as a domain name for tuvula) is used by television stations  .Fm is used by radio stations.

 There are also country code top level domains (cctld) for countries. Examples include.ng (Nigeria) .uk (united kingdom).za(south Africa) .ca(Canada) .gh(Ghana) and so on.

Since the most generally acceptable tlds are either gTLDS or the CCtld of your country, we’ll breakdown the cost of buying a domain with these extensions. You can get the following extensions on Qservers.net

.com N3,900 .net N4,500 .org N4,500 .NG 9,000 .com.ng N1,000 .org.ng N1,000 .edu.ng N10,000

SSL Certificate

SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is used to secure browser to server connection. Before, only websites that collect personal information (credit card details, phone numbers & password) were really particular about SSL certificates. Now, Google and other search engines will list your website as not secure if you don’t have one on your website. If your website doesn’t have SSL certificate, you’ll be left with the http (non-secure) tag, while websites with SSL certificates have https secure tag.  Some web hosting companies offer free SSL certificate for the first year, for others SSL certificate starts at just $7.29 (N2, 552) per year.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is simply what connects your website to the internet. If we describe domain name as your address, web hosting is the house. And like a house, you have to pay rent either monthly or yearly based on agreement.

Types of Web hosting and Price

When house hunting, you have several choices available to you based on your taste, preference and need. While a newlywed couple might be okay with a one room apartment, a family of five might need at least a two bedrooms or three bedroom apartment. This is the same for web hosting, you have different types of web hosting plans to suit you need

Shared hosting: this is perfect for entry level or small business websites with small amount of monthly traffic. Starts at N500/month

VPS Hosting:  Virtual private server hosting is a step above shared hosting. This type of hosting is ideal for medium sized business owners , who are tech savvy and would like to make custom configurations to their server. Starts at N30, 000/Month

Cloud Hosting: this is just a hybrid version of VPS hosting but more cost effective. It is Ideal for medium and large scale businesses that are growing at a rapid rate.  Starts at N3,000/Month

Dedicated Hosting: this is the most expensive type of hosting because you have your own dedicated server that belongs to you alone. This is ideal for enterprise-level website with high volume of traffic.  Starts at N110,000/ Month

You can buy your hosting plans from Siteground or Qservers

Style /Theme

The first impression of any visitor to your website is the design. Web design is usually focused on the user interface and user experience. This means that users focus on the visuals and usability of your website. Since most websites are built designed using a content management system (A CMS allows you and your team to edit information on your website — without having to modify any site code) you can get available premium themes for N15,000 – N35,000.


You shouldn’t expect the web designer to write content on your website for you. The homepage, about and services page need content with strong call to action. Customers get turned off by bad writing, this is why you should hire a freelancer or a content marketing agency to get this done .Cost can range from N2, 000 per 500 words to N50, 000 for multiple pages of original content.

Website design

This is where the web designer puts it all together. The design process starts with the web designer changing the nameservers of the domain name to web host’s, then installing the preferred content management system, followed by installing the theme, installing necessary plugins, setting up pages, uploading content and carrying out tests on the website before launch. This can take from several hours to a couple of days depending on the amount of work involved. Costs range from N20,000 – N200,000


When the website goes live, this doesn’t mean the work is done. The site requires on-going technical maintenance to prevent your site from being hacked or going offline unexpectedly. Website maintenance cost in Nigeria depends on the agreement with your web designer, this can cost between N20, 000 – N100, 000 per year

Yearly Costs

Domain renewal: usually costs the same as the first year, except you bought the domain while a promotion was going on. If you bought the domain name while a promotion was on-going, it’ll be cheaper in the first year and you’ll pay the normal price in the following year.

SSL renewal: costs the same as the first year. If you have a long term plan, you can buy your SSL certificate for 3 or more years to save cost.

Web hosting Renewal: costs the same as the first year, except you bought the web hosting while a promotion was going on. If you bought the hosting plan while a promotion was going on, it’ll cost less in the first year and you’ll pay the standard price in the following year. To save cost, it’s advisable to buy your hosting plan for 3 or more years.

Website maintenance: this is based on your agreement with the web designer.

How much does it cost to build a website in Nigeria?

As you can see, there’s no fixed cost. It all depends on your taste and need. But, to give an estimate we’ll use the least cost of each item needed using Qservers domain and web hosting plan.

Domain – 1,000 (.com.ng)

SSL – free in the first year with web hosting

Web hosting – 5,000 (Qservers starter plan)

Theme – 15,000

Web design – 20,000

Content- N6, 000 for 1,500 Words

Total estimated cost = N47, 000

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