do i need a website

Do I need a website For My Business?

To answer the question, do I need a website for my business? The truth is, you can’t afford not to have a website in this digital era. You’ll be losing out to your competitors and no one in this present age takes a business without a website seriously. Below is a list of reasons why you need a website.

People expect you to have a website: according to a report by techcrunch, more than 45% of people who partook in a survey said they expect business to have a website. How do you even explain to anyone in this present age that you run a business without a website?

Your Customers are online: your customers are already online, are you? People are using the internet daily to search for services like:  plumbers, divorce lawyers, electricians, roofers, makeup artists, interior designers. They are also search for local businesses like nearby restaurants, hotels and event halls.

A website add more credibility to your business: a website makes you look professional and adds credibility to your business than just a social media page.  With your website, you can show off any business awards, certifications and reviews you have.

Your competitors are already online: restaurants, lawyers, tailors, car detailers, interior designers and any local business you can think of are all already online. So if they search for a local business nearby and your business can’t be found, you customers will take their money to your competitors.

A website complements your marketing:  your website is where you direct people who are interested in your product or service to. When you run an ad on Social media, search engine, print or television, you still need a website to collect leads or close the sale.

You can easily showcase your product and services: there’s very little radio or Television ads or even social media can do about communicating your brand’s products and service. With a website, you can have your products and services explained in detail with images and videos, so you can simply direct anyone to website to learn more about your product and services.

The Lagos syndrome: Lagos is regarded as the city that never sleeps. The same applies to your website, it is available 24/7and anyone can access it to buy your product at any time or learn more about your services.

Customers can contact you easily: a website makes it easy for customers to reach you via the information available on your website. You can have your contact details displayed in the header or footer or you can have a simple contact form in the contact page that makes your customers reach you easily.

You can attract new customers through Google:  a well SEO-optimized website can help you rank for a number of keywords relevant to your business and attract read customers. Imagine some searches for “divorce lawyer in Lagos” and your website comes up as number one in the searches.

A website is no longer difficult to create and manage: unlike years before, when you have to write and edit lines of code to edit a single paragraph. Now, with Content management systems (CMS) like wordpress , squarespace  and wix,It’s easier for you as a business owner to manage your website without have a single programming background. The cost of owning a website is even cheaper than most people think.

I have a Facebook Page already, do I need a website?

Short answer Yes, you still need website. Despite the worldwide popularity of Facebook, your potential customers are not using Facebook to search for “plumber near me” or “restaurant near me” “accounting firm in Lagos”. Believe it or not, some of your potential customers don’t have Facebook account and others have the account simply because everyone has it, they are not active on the platform.

A website and a Facebook page have totally different functions. A website informs and educates your potential clients about your business or service while a Facebook Page merely offers a platform to engage with social media users.

With a Facebook page, you’re limited to Facebook’s design and branding, you can’t showcase your brand the way you want it. With your own website, you’re in total control with the branding; a website gives you better identity online and offers more credibility.


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